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Name Email Work Phone Phone Dept/College
Ackerman, Jason D.     Science/Eng-TC
Agnich, Jason A. 218-726-7206   UMD Large Lakes Observatory
Albrecht, Jason R.   651-762-0447 Public Hlth
Arcand, Jason J.     Food/Agr/Nat Res Sci
Arce, Jason E.   612-869-8301 Continuing Education
Asher, Jason C.   612-301-4163 Science/Eng-TC
Bezdicek, Jason F.       Management
Bierschbach, Jason J.   218-724-3674 Management
Blalock, Jason L.   320-392-5764 Morris
Block, Jason   218-348-8998 Ed/Hum Serv
Bonsack, Jaxon K.     612-554-8530 Continuing Education
Borah, Jason C.     RSRCH MN Population Center; Grad School
Brecht, Jason D.   763-559-7422 Science/Eng-Dul
Brunko, Jason C.   651-428-8187 Pharmacy
Bryce, Jason D.   715-822-4763 Nursing
Buck, Jason T.   651-503-5788 HHH Public Affairs
Burdick, Jason P.   701-662-5751 Crookston
Call, Jason C.     651-737-2473 Science/Eng-TC
Callanan, Jason   507-206-9677 Lib Arts-TC
Cao, Jason     Humphrey Institute of Public Affair
Capecchi, Jason   612-703-9273 Educ/Hum Dev
Carlson, Jason   763-746-6853 Continuing Education
Carpenter, Jason J.     Educ/Hum Dev
Carston, Jason M.     Lib Arts-TC
Carter, Jason L.   612-384-7999 Science/Eng-TC
Castle, Jason J.   218-245-1531 Bus/Econ
Castro, Jason A.   651-734-0326 Continuing Education
Chambers, Jason W.     Science/Eng-Dul
Champagne, Jason R.   612-229-3046 Public Hlth
Chan, Jason     Information/Decision Sciences
Chan, Jason     Pharmacy
Checky, Jason M.   612-384-7830 Science/Eng-TC
Chen, Jason W.   612-301-6172 Science/Eng-TC
Chen, Jason X.   952-906-9799 Management
Cheng, Jason C.     Lib Arts-Dul
Chong, Jason S.     Restorative Sci- Prosthodontics; Dentistry
Chou, Jason     Management
Christensen, Jason E.   612-323-1408 Science/Eng-TC
Christopherson, Jason P.     715-456-3051 Lib Arts-TC
Chrudimsky, Jason R.       Graduate Non-Degree
Chu, Jason   206-660-1666 Lib Arts-TC
Clark, Jason D. 612-625-1798   CFANS Soil, Water and Climate; Food/Agr/Nat Res Sci
Cluth, Jason A.     Design
Codner, Jason A.   612-581-2151 Science/Eng-TC
Coffin, Jason C.     Bus/Econ
Coleman, Jason D.       Management
Colt, Jason H.   763-221-4068 Continuing Education
Como, Jason M.     East Side Family Clinic
Cook, Jason   651-402-7915 Med Sch-TC
Cook, Jason R.     262-574-9384 Management
Corsbie, Jason A.     McNamara Academic Center
Cotas, Jason M.     508-479-8273 Continuing Education
Coverston, Jason D.     651-636-7465 Continuing Education
Cowell, Jason M.     Educ/Hum Dev
Cox, Jason W.   651-483-2234 Lib Arts-TC
Crawford, Jason E.   218-525-5825 Bus/Econ
Cress, Jason S.     Lib Arts-TC
Currier, Jason M.     Bio Science
Dacosta, Jason J. (Jason)   703-401-1929 Management
Davis, Jason 218-726-8782   UMD ITSS
Decker, Jason R.   763-422-9113 UST
Demke, Jason C.     Public Hlth
DiFuccia, Jason P. (Jason Difuccia)   952-448-3299 Management
Doescher, Jason S.     Neurology
Ellenbecker, Jason D.     612-432-0305 Continuing Education
Garvick, Jason D.     507-294-3402 Food/Agr/Nat Res Sci
Habeck, Jason M.   612-801-8904 Med Sch-TC
Hancock, Jason D. 612-625-7297   Student Unions and Activities
Hays, Jason C. (Cory)       Educ/Hum Dev
Heidrich, Jason P.     Management
Herrboldt, Jason C.     Science/Eng-TC
Herzog, Jason C.     952-935-6352 Continuing Education
Hetland, Jason C.   612-432-7969 Management
Hibbard, Jason C.     Med Sch-TC
Hicks, Jason C.     845-641-9430 Vet Medicine
Hicks, Jason F.     HHH Social Policy and Pol Anal; HHH Public Affairs
Holscher, Jason D. 612-626-1559   Continuity and Compliance
Honig, Jason C.   651-260-7611 Continuing Education
Hoschette, Jason D.   952-447-8607 Bus/Econ
Isaacson, Jason D. (Ike)     612-600-5778 Lib Arts-TC
Jackson, Jason C. 612-626-8086   GLBTA Programs Office; Educ/Hum Dev
Jacobs, Jason A. 612-626-7718   Sponsored Projects Admin
Jacobson, Jason 612-625-8062   CCE DCP Undergraduate Programs
Jones, Jason C.     Bio Science
Kelecic, Jason M.   651-312-3176 Management
Klisch, Jason M.     Bus/Econ
Klocke, Jason C.     651-724-7857 Crookston
Kopp, Jason C.       Food/Agr/Nat Res Sci
Kuck, Jason D.   651-322-7583 Bus/Econ
Laackmann, Jason E.     507-835-3804 Continuing Education
Lachowsky, Jason S.   651-224-7226 Morris
Lojovich, Jason M.   320-360-4009 Lib Arts-Dul
Macken, Jason   507-226-1688 Lib Arts-Dul
Malisheski, Jason V.     Science/Eng-TC
Mareck, Jason L.   612-716-5627 Graduate Non-Degree
Matlock, Jason E.   612-290-0056 HHH Public Affairs
McConnell, Jason P.   651-321-2054 Science/Eng-TC
McDowell, Jason P.     507-209-3619 Continuing Education
McGrath, Jason 612-624-2875   Asian Languages/Literatures
McGraw, Jason A. 612-301-9692   Office of Institutional Advancement
McKinnie, Jason C.   651-462-9812 Graduate Non-Degree
Raasch MD, Jason P. 612-624-5456   Medicine - Allergy
Menard, Jason C.     Grad School
Michaelson, Jason D.   952-686-7514 Science/Eng-TC
Michalicek, Jason G.     Ed/Hum Serv
Miller, Jason C.     701-367-1639 Science/Eng-TC
Mitchell, Jason S. 612-626-6713   Lab Medicine and Pathology
Monfre, Jason C. (Jason)   612-751-1254 Lib Arts-TC
Mulholland, Jason C.   507-398-8581 Bus/Econ
Myers, Jason C.     CSENG Characterization Facil; Grad School
Paschke, Jason J.     Science/Eng-TC
Prasch, Jason G.     763-226-1615 Law School
Price, Jason N.   612-677-5144 Grad School
Qiu, Jincong     Lib Arts-TC
Radde, Jason C.     Science/Eng-TC
Ricco, Jason A. 612-302-8200   North Memorial Health Care; Med Sch-TC
Richardson, Jason D.     UMD Academic Affairs Admin
Robinson, Jason C.     Vet Medicine
Roebuck, Jason G.     218-262-4896 Lib Arts-Dul
Rogers, Jason C.     763-503-7335 Bio Science
Rucinski, Jason A.     507-271-9118 Lib Arts-TC
Sanchez, Jason L.     Medicine
Schafer, Jason   763-755-0664 Science/Eng-Dul
Schanno, Jason D.   218-749-5356 Bus/Econ
Scheeler, Jason M.     763-757-1211 Continuing Education
Schenkel, Jason M.     MD/PhD Training Program; Med Sch-TC
Schewe, Jason N.   507-318-2172 Vet Medicine
Schlender, Jason   715-913-0119 Lib Arts-Dul
Schmidt, Jason       Food/Agr/Nat Res Sci
Schmidt, Jason J.   218-340-8372 Pharmacy-Dul
Schmidt, Jason T.   612-703-1163 Crookston
Schmitz, Jason M.     Lib Arts-TC
Schmuck, Jason K.     Educ/Hum Dev
Schoenborn, Jason D.     218-935-5512 Crookston
Schoumaker, Jason   651-239-4124 Morris
Schreiber, Jason A.       Food/Agr/Nat Res Sci
Schulte, Jason   763-425-4456 Bus/Econ
Schultz, Jason C.     Med Sch-TC
Schweitzer, Jason R.     507-282-6905 Grad School
Sechan, Jason C.   612-301-5226 Science/Eng-TC
Senchina, Jason S.     School of Music; Lib Arts-TC
Senechal, Jason A.     651-269-3868 Educ/Hum Dev
Showers, Jason C.   952-593-5507 Lib Arts-TC
Speich, Jason R. 612-624-7466   SimPORTAL/CREST
Spicher, Jason R.       Lib Arts-TC
Srnec, Jason J.   507-357-6387 Med Sch-TC
Steck, Jason P.     Law School
Stockwell, Jason R.   612-599-7749 Educ/Hum Dev
Storck, Jason H.     651-439-7227 Lib Arts-TC
Tamminen, Jason C.   612-483-3993 Management
Tarasewicz, Jason J.   763-557-1187 Science/Eng-Dul
Tautges, Jason C.     651-647-9356 Food/Agr/Nat Res Sci
Tesch, Jason P.   507-835-4354 Lib Arts-TC
Tham, Jason C. 612-624-3445   CLA Writing Studies; Lib Arts-TC
Travis, Jason   651-276-9546 Bus/Econ
Trzcinski, Jason A.     Management
Tschida, Jason T.     Science/Eng-TC
Ulrich, Jason S.     Grad School
Vecchio-Smith, Jason J.     612-708-0487 Continuing Education
Voiovich, Jason T.   651-294-2243 Grad School
Voskuil, Jason C.     612-501-6254 Grad School
Wallace, Jason D.     Continuing Education
Weaver, Jason C.   715-699-6199 Lib Arts-Dul
Wicklund, Jason A.   651-454-3025 Lib Arts-TC
Wilder, Jason C.     Continuing Education
Winch, Jason R.   218-963-7513 Science/Eng-Dul
Woodbury, Jason C.   612-886-7202 Educ/Hum Dev
Zabeli, Jason C.     Dept of Pediatrics, Division of In; Bio Science
Zencka, Jason G. 612-624-3375   CLA English Languages and Lit; Lib Arts-TC
Zimmerman, Jason C.   262-786-5218 Lib Arts-TC
Bell JASON Project       Department