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Name Email Work Phone Phone Dept/College
Cahill, Amy L.   507-993-7350 Grad School
Christenson, Alissa H.   763-482-7198 Morris
Christenson, Alyssa     701-795-8860 Lib Arts-Dul
Christenson, Amber L.     Management
Christenson, Andrew D.   763-567-0172 Continuing Education
Christenson, Andrew N.     763-383-1172 Lib Arts-TC
Christenson, Angela M.   763-323-8697 Management
Christenson, Anna L.     612-209-8456 Crookston
Christenson, Brady   218-828-6259 Morris
Christenson, Brandon R.   952-448-3336 Science/Eng-TC
Christenson, Brita L.     218-674-4317 Crookston
Christenson, Brittany   952-448-3336 Lib Arts-TC
Christenson, Caitlin A.       Lib Arts-TC
Christenson, Caleb W.   218-612-4317 Crookston
Christenson, Camille G.     952-934-6479 Continuing Education
Christenson, Christopher S.   612-987-2490 Lib Arts-TC
Christenson, Cole J.     612-655-7384 Lib Arts-TC
Christenson, Darin C.   320-249-0377 Science/Eng-TC
Christenson, Daryn D. 612-624-4037   Disability Resource Center
Christenson, Eric A.   507-345-3579 Bus/Econ
Christenson, Eric A.     952-403-1282 Graduate Non-Degree
Christenson, Eric V.     Office of Admissions and Diversity; Dentistry
Christenson, Erica A.   612-875-4100 HHH Public Affairs
Christenson, Erin M.   218-863-1206 Crookston
Christenson, Gail L.       Lib Arts-TC
Christenson, Grace L.     Lib Arts-TC
Grant A Christenson     507-767-4498 Ed/Hum Serv
Christenson, Hannah J.     Ed/Hum Serv
Christenson, Hunter S.   218-736-6807 Crookston
Christenson, Jack D.   651-482-8724 Science/Eng-TC
Christenson, Jacy K.     Crookston
Christenson, James K.     Biotechnology Institute; Grad School
Christenson, Jaron T.     Morris
Christenson, Jay C.   651-235-5298 Pharmacy
Christenson, Jennifer L.   651-482-8724 Educ/Hum Dev
Christenson, Joel A.       CLI
Christenson, John P.     Police Department
Christenson, Jonathan   952-933-6459 Public Hlth
Christenson, Joseph J. (Joe)     Management
Christenson, Karen M.   612-598-6457 UST
Christenson, Katya B.     605-351-3173 Continuing Education
Christenson, Kaylee J.   320-574-0000 Morris
Christenson, Kiley G.   612-987-2319 Continuing Education
Christenson, Laura B.   651-335-7707 Continuing Education
Christenson, Lia A.   952-942-8622 Lib Arts-TC
Christenson, Lisa A.       Continuing Education
Christenson, Luke R.   763-754-2826 Science/Eng-TC
Christenson, Madeline R.     651-200-3701 Continuing Education
Christenson, Marie S.   763-567-0173 Continuing Education
Marvin R Christenson      
Christenson, Mary S.   763-213-3057 Continuing Education
Christenson, Matthew J.   612-379-4524 Continuing Education
Christenson, Matthew J.     Bus/Econ
Christenson, Meghan M.       Science/Eng-TC
Christenson, Michael C.   763-757-0688 Science/Eng-Dul
Christenson, Moriah     Science/Eng-Dul
Christenson, Nancy T.     952-564-9662 Continuing Education
Christenson, Nathan H.   507-285-5694 Ed/Hum Serv
Christenson, Nicholas J.   612-379-4524 Continuing Education
Christenson, Noah T.     651-301-1939 Continuing Education
Christenson, Peter Z.   651-329-9765 Continuing Education
Christenson, Rhea J.   763-234-7367 Continuing Education
Christenson, Rochelle A.   952-465-4431 Lib Arts-TC
Christenson, Samuel M.     Lib Arts-TC
Christenson, Sandra L. 612-624-0037   Educational Psychology
Christenson, Sara L.   218-360-0463 Science/Eng-Dul
Christenson, Seth   218-879-0203 Fine Arts
Christenson, Sierra L.       Crookston
Christenson, Tiara L.     Educ/Hum Dev
Christenson, Wayne B.     Alumni
Christenson, Wendi L. 218-726-8540   UMD Bookstore
Christenson, William D.   651-308-7675 HHH Public Affairs
Christenson, Zach S.     651-982-0009 Continuing Education
Christenson, Zachary D.   715-483-5579 Science/Eng-TC
Christenson, Zachary D.   612-965-4777 Continuing Education
Christenson, Zachary R.     Lib Arts-TC
Christenson, Zoe A.     Neuroscience; Med Sch-TC
Farnsworth, Elyse M. 612-624-9635   Health Services Rsch/Policy; Educ/Hum Dev
Fudala, Amanda R. 218-726-6083   UMD Office of the Registrar; Grad School
Gomez, Jessica A.     Nursing
Majeski, Katie     651-269-5892 Grad School
Schreifels MD, Dawn A.       Med Sch-TC
Christenson MD, Gary A. 612-624-4690   Boynton Health Service
Willis, Grete A.     763-355-7179 Grad School